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Directed, produced and written by Ali Dipp


Together two people from opposite sides of the Berlin Wall, Azalea, a simple gardener, and Oliver, a scientist, try to connect their discoveries within their vastly different, yet, interconnected lives.  Through explorative logic and emotion, the two try to discover a place of the universe to call their own. The garden becomes a place of beckoning temptation.      

This contemporary performance is a hybrid of animation, video, poetry, visual arts, and theatre, working to create a new art form. Garden of Fluorescent Flowers discusses the context of art and science in relation to finding a contemporary paradise. Set in communist East Berlin, the play links together the local southwestern region to other tangible and contextual borderlands. Perhaps, where east and west, and art and science meet, a mediating place for the wanderer can be discovered.  


Young Azalea: Pilar Gutierrez Colom

Gertrude: Emma Davis

Azalea Reeds: Alexandra Dipp

Oliver Jones: Colin Flaherty


Assistant Theatrical Technician

Bryan Cuellar    



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