A Myth in Three Stanzas 

I. Genesis Story

Honky-tonk Donkey

If a Horse Walked into a Bar...

repurposed jean collage  

6’x 5’

II. Denim George (Brother of the Velvet Elvis)

Wall of Feigned Fame

Three Singing Buckaroos 

oil on canvas images finished with handmade fringe  

5’x 9’

Livin' on Love, A Lot About Livin'

And a Little 'bout Love

oil on canvas encircled by handmade denim fringe  

3’x 5’

The Cowboy Rides Away

George Strai(gh)t

oil on canvas encircled by handmade denim fringe   

3’x 5’

How Do you Like me Now?

oil on canvas images surrounded by handmade denim frame 

3’x 5’

III. WPA Works

Under the Same Sky 

Reconstituted details from Texas WPA Mural


paint and manually-stiched thread on denim 

various sizes under 8"x6"

Detail from Early Texans, 

Nicholas Lyon 

courtesy of the Smithsonian American Art Museum 

11’x 28’

Encore: Portent of a New Season

 Cowboy Already (Always) Away

A potential direction for Spring of 2020

manual stitch on painted canvas with a handmade denim border

11’x 8’

© 2021 by Ali Dipp.