A Dam(ned)nation in Three Epics

I. Janky Jeans (Genes)

El Paso Street Texases

Jeans for all those Texas Exes

repurposed jeans from El Paso's Salvation Army adorned with hand-shaped patches  

2’x 3’

Source Material from Texas Ave. 

sun-bleached signs from El Paso 

screenshots from Google Maps

digital works

II. Waive, Waving, Wavering

A Waving Flag Wavers

Pleated denim relief referencing Italian Futurism 

seamed denim, jeans sourced from El Paso's Salvation Army  

2’x 3’

III. Rough Riding Rodeo

'Bunting' Flag (Two Definitions of the Verb)

referencing records from the Tri-State Fair & Rodeo circa 1983

oil on cut canvas  

2’x 3’

© 2020 by Ali Dipp.