A Biography in Three Chapters

I. Autonomous/Anonymous

(Unit)ed, Untied

For the Three in a Father's Photograph 

manually stitched image as denim heirloom  

3’x 3’

Backside of (Unit)ed, Untied

manually stitched heirloom

memorializing a photograph


3"x 3"

From left to right:

a family friend, my great grandfather,

and grandfather


circa 1960, from father's archive

3"x 3"

II. He was Once 'Miguel'

Heads and Tails (Tales)

My Grandfather’s Green Card

manually stitched denim 

3’x 3’

III. A People's Play

Death of a Myth

My Grandfather’s Retablo Stage

denim heirloom, quilted with a cathedral window pattern

3.5’x 5’

my grandfather, little caballero


circa 1965,

from father's archive

3"x 3"

Death of a Myth (Pants for Walking Man)

white paint and denim from El Paso. manually sewn retablo and handmade jeans 

3.5’x 5’

Pants for Walking Man

handmade jeans with embossed cathedral pattern 

2’x 4’

© 2020 by Ali Dipp.