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welcome to this website

Welcome to this website

Read below to understand how to navigate the terrain. My work spans radio, digital/regional archives, denim heirlooms, books, and original plays I produce, write, and direct through the fiscally-sponsored nonprofit I began with my sister in 2012.
Below, I EXPLAIN EACH TAB in a table of contents AND speak to the WORK AT LARGE in a current statement.

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table of contents


Radio and Archives

Jean Heirlooms:

A Three-Part Story

the largest living archive of today's Southwest

regional radio show

familial geneologies

Texas tales

a national epic

Plays, Performance, and our Nonprofit 

Descriptions of the Three Manuscripts 

Contact and Links

the nonprofit I run with my sister (est. 2012)

four essays on grammar and dreaming

a brief meditation on critical love

documentation from Sunhouse Arts' fifth play

a three-hundred-year voyage around one word

more information

Eden Reclaimed (2017)

epistolary cowboy opry

Recycled Paper
Recycled Paper

April 6th, 2021

My creative work recognizes the worth of dreams in America. With the most critical of love, I actively wonder what it entails to pursue a better life in our country. Yet, musing like this is difficult to do, since out here in the land of big Western skies, blue-sky writing rarely counts as an action. However, maybe like me, you too dream. What else are we to do but dream, if we are to value our work and celebrate its worth?
Living on the Southwest border, I watch the sun traipse across one sky, beginning in Mexico in the morning and setting in the horizon of its sister country in the evening. In the narrative of a day, I ruminate over lineages—literary,
genealogical, historic. NAFTA El Paso’s former stature as the jean capital of the world leaves me with the dust. To recall the work of generations, I write books, produce jean heirlooms, and conceive scholarship that prioritizes the role of aspiration. Visually, I speak to the past and its labor. Moving beyond this past, my books prioritize language as an imperative attribute to imagining the future. My scholarship currently investigates the philosophical undergirding of the liberalism in America.

Through all forms, I consider myself a bridge-maker. When I look at my Grandfather’s green card, to dream of a better country remains an ageless paradigm. I Walk the Line like Cash and cross figurative borders like my Grandfather, a question emerges from these pursuits: what is the political utility of dreaming in America?

- Ali Dipp

current statement

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Pledged to promoting your pleasure

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Largest Living Archive of Today's Southwest



Arts Nonprofit in El Paso (est. 2012)

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Creative Director/Co-Host

iHeart Regional Radio Show

Forthcoming Project:

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A Digital Approach to the History of Political Ideas and Upocoming Podcast

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